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School Organizational Team (SOT)

In accordance with Assembly Bill 394 and Regulation 142-16, each CCSD school will create a school organizational team made up of elected licensed staff, education support professionals, parents/guardians, and students as well as one or more optional, non-elected community member who will assist the principal in making important decisions impacting the school.

What Is a School Organizational Team?

The school organizational team is responsible for:

  • Providing assistance and advice to the principal regarding the development of the school plan of operation
  • Providing continued assistance and advice to the principal in carrying out the school plan of operation
  • Assisting in the discussion of any additional authority transferred to the school to carry out responsibilities
  • Assisting with the selection of the next principal when a principal vacancy occurs

School Organizational Team Expectations

  • Team meetings must occur outside employee contract hours (school hours).
  • Meetings must occur at least once a month while school is in session.
  • The team may only take action when a majority of the voting members are present.
  • Team members serve until September 30 of the following year and may serve additional terms as long as they are eligible and continue to receive the highest number of votes.
  • Members of the team serve without compensation.
  • If there is a vacancy on the team, we will elect new members following the same procedures as initial elections and will fill all vacancies within 30 days.