Von Tobel Middle School Home

Our School

Located in northeastern Last Vegas, Ed Von Tobel Middle School serves more than 1,150 students within its halls. We work hard to communicate with parents and our community in a variety of ways. We provide parent communication in both English and Spanish to avoid any communication barriers that may present themselves. We hold Academic Progress Conferences twice a year and keep our doors open to meet with parents any time the need arises to ensure the success of every child in our care.

Class sizes at Von Tobel are smaller than average in all disciplines, with about 19 students in each English and math class and approximately 22 in science and social studies. This ensures that our students receive individualized instruction from our highly qualified teachers. As a 3-Star School, we continue to raise the bar and work toward the more challenging award levels.

Our administration recognizes the importance of technology in education today, and you will find technology in all our classrooms. SmartBoards, iPads, and computers are a mainstay in classrooms, and students receive instruction daily through one or more of these devices.

We invite students to become involved on our campus and offer a variety of clubs and sports that will help students grow and develop into well-rounded adults. We also hope you will learn more about our amazing technological initiatives that we designed to help every child succeed.