Von Tobel Middle School Home

Von Tobel Academics

The main focus at Ed Von Tobel Middle School is to promote academic excellence and meet the academic needs of all learners. We are proud to have earned a 3-Star rating on the School Performance Framework. Our goal is for all students to be proficient in English, reading, and mathematics. To this end, we have specific goals and objectives toward which our teachers and students work tirelessly every day. Here are just a few of the academic highlights on our campus:

  • We provide various pathways to help enrich student learning and prepare them for state testing, including before-school and Saturday CRT camps.
  • All students participate in our annual science fair, and we regularly send teams to the district-wide fair.
  • We immerse technology in every classroom, and students have regular, daily access to SmartBoards, computer labs, hand-held devices, and audio enhancements.
  • Students write, anchor, and edit a daily morning broadcast featuring current events, student news, and academic tips.
  • Teachers collaborate weekly in Structured Teacher Planning Time, focusing on strategies to improve student achievement.

School Goals

Our school goals are at the forefront of everything we do. We review our goals often so we can establish and implement objectives to meet these goals throughout the year.

  • Goal 1: Decrease the percentage of non-proficient students in reading and math as measured by the 2013 Nevada Criterion Reference Test.
  • Goal 2: Increase the percentage of students remaining proficient in reading and math as measured by the Nevada Criterion Reference Test.